Did you know that paper is very thin and flat material, a sheet used for writing, painting, packaging, cleaning, etc. It is made by compression of wet fibre containing cellulose, which subsequently dries and remains joined together without an additional binding agent, due to large extent to the hydrogen bonds and partly to the fact that they are interwoven. For the extraction of cellulose, the most common material used is wood pulp of suitable tree species – softwood such as spruce, fir, pine, but other plant fibers can also be used – cotton, linen, hemp and rice.

For the production of paper types of wood from cultivated forests are used, which are just a waste timber and can hardly be used for any other purpose. So, this unusable of wood is the raw material for the paper industry. The second important raw material for papermaking is recycled or secondary fibre material, which is obtained from waste paper and used cardboard.

The paper and the process of production of cellulose was discovered in China in the early second century during the Khan Dynasty by an older eunuch Cai Lun, although early archaeological fragments of paper were found around 2 BC.